Principle of operation

The LUMiSizer is an evolutionary development based on the LUMiFuge platform with some significant additional capabilities that instantaneously measures the extinction (space- and time-resolved) of the transmitted light across the entire length of your sample using the STEP-Technology.

Because of an enhanced optical system, the LUMiSizer lets you analyse particle and droplet velocity distributions for creaming and sedimentation phenomena without the need of any material data and performs particle sizing (ISO 13318- 2).

Run 12 samples at a time under a wide range of viscosities, temperatures, and real-world concentrations. The LUMiSizer is the only instrument in the world that allows you to obtain particle velocity distributions without having to know any material constants.

Analyse aqueous, non-aqueous, Newtonian or non-Newtonian systems – the choice is yours. You can measure the effects of concentration, shape, and colloidal forces on your particle size distribution and stability. You can create your own hindrance functions or work with published ones. Either way, you can accurately measure and predict ideal and non-ideal particle behaviour.

The exceptional precision of the system ensures that all particle size fractions are measured in a short time. Immediate data collection across the entire sample ensures exceptional results, whereby you can measure wide particle size distributions, determine non-idealities and gain the ability to resolve multimodalities. Think of the LUMiSizer as a LUMiFuge on steroids, a direct stability and particle size analyser forged into one. It can do all the things the LUMiFuge can, only more.

In addition to measuring stability directly and making shelf life prediction, you can also distinguish between flocculated and nonflocculated dispersions and measure particle size distributions using the highest industry norms and regulations.

Several wavelengths are available, allowing for a broad particle size spectrum coverage.

Comes with state-of-the-art software SEPView.

The LUMiSizer comes certified, factory precalibrated and is ready-to-go.